Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My car doesn’t work do you still buy it?

Yes, we buy ANY vehicle in ANY condition. We recycle old, unusable cars and trucks for scrap metal.

Do you buy a car without a title?

Depends on your local laws but if you are in North New Jersey area then most likely you can! Call us and we’ll help you sort it out and sell the vehicle for cash quick.

How much can I get for my car?

As there are too many types of models of cars in a wide range of conditions for us to give you an exact price. What you can do it use our online Instant Quote tool to get a price quote right now! All you need is your VIN or Year & Model, then we’ll give you a dollar value right now. You can also call us at 201-620-6708 ​right now to know how much money you’ll get.

Which year and model cars do you accept?

We buy cars from any year! Any model car! Just call us and tell us the details, we’ll tell you how much cash you can get and we will be where you are in one HOUR to pickup the car and hand you cash.

Do you also buy vans, trucks or other vehicles for cash?

Yes, we recycle all sort of vehicles. Whether its a hatchback or a truck, a Toyota or a Ferrari, we can recycle it and you WILL get CASH for your junk vehicle. Just call and tell us what you have.

How do you recycle the cars?

We recycle the vehicle in according to federal regulations and keeping the environment in our mind. A lot of parts are reused for repairing other vehicle, which prolongs life of older vehicles and prevents further carbon emissions from new vehicles. We also recycle the metal which goes into various industries in manufacture and construction.

How much is my junk car worth?

Use our Instant Quote tool online to see how much an average car from your make and model is worth. If you have a VIN, you can get a more accurate estimate. Calling us at 201-620-6708 to get an estimate in minutes.

How to get rid of junk car ASAP?

If you are in Northern New Jersey area, we can get to you ASAP. We have multiple tow trucks who will tow away your junk car for free. We grantee that we’ll be there in 1 Hour and you’ll get cash in hand right there and then.

Can you pickup the junk car?

Yes. Give us a call and let us know where you are. We serve all major towns and cities is Northern and Central New Jersey. We’ll come to where your car is, even if its in a farm barn somewhere or in the middle of the road stuck in mud. We’ll tow it away and you’ll get cash ASAP.

Do I need a VIN?

If you give us a VIN over the phone or the site, we can give you an exact quote on how much cash you’ll receive in exchange.

How do I find out VIN for my car?

Check your dashboard from front outside of your car, also from sitting on the driver’s seat. If you can’t find it, check tags on the side of the driver’s door.

Do I need to pay for towing?

No towing is free! We drive our tow truck to your doorstep and pickup the car from you.

How long does it take to sell a junk car?

Our name is Junk Car 1 Hour Pickup. We’ll be there within 1 hour an pickup the car, giving you the money. If you are in Northern New Jersey, the whole process is done in one hour.

How long for you to pick up my junk car?

1 Hour, Cash in your hand

Is the online instant quote price guranteed?

Yes, we guarantee at the minimum the instant quote provided by our website,

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