It’s likely that quite a number of New Jersey residents have a junk car in their garage or maybe even sat taking up valuable space on the driveway. It’s not necessarily a very old or rusted-out car, but it has still outlived its purpose for one reason or another. You may always think to yourself “sell my junk car NJ, please!”

If this sounds like you, then you may also have wondered how much money you could get for it if you traded it in. Furthermore, not knowing the exact value might be what’s stopping you from checking out your options. Your head’s probably full of questions about the process.

New Jersey scrap cars could be worth a measly $50, or they could be worth $20,000. Speaking as a junk car buyer myself, I can tell you that the majority of junk cars people hold will be worth several hundred dollars, on average. The fact is that junking the car is the easy part. All you have to do is visit, get an estimate, call us up to confirm pickup and within 1 hour you’re done, cash in hand.

The difficult part is knowing how much your car is worth and what to expect to get for it. You don’t want to shortchange yourself, but at the same time don’t want to mistake the appropriate rate as being too low. You need to arm yourself with the knowledge, and that’s what we’re sharing with you in today’s article. How much can you get for your junk car here in New Jersey?

Factors that determine how we value of your junk car

No one single factor can be used to give you a clear and definite dollar value. You have to combine different points to come up with a balanced and reasonable amount to expect. What are those things?

  1. Your location

The US is a big country, with different preferences and automotive tastes depending on where you live. Dealers in New Jersey know their market, and so certain models will be worth more to whoever is taking it off your hands. Assuming the dealer wants it from you to re-sell (and not just for scrap metal), then they’ll be attracted by top-selling brands, which in New Jersey means Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Jeep and Ford. These were identified in 2019 as the favorite brands of New Jersey residents, occupying all 10 of the top 10 best-selling vehicles.

  1. The year/make/model of your car

It may appear obvious to you that the age and particular model of your car will have significant bearing on its value. There’s a little bit more to it, in fact. It’s not just a question of direct resale, but also a question of spare parts. Certain models from certain years may contain in-demand spare parts that are extremely valuable on the second-hand part market.

Let’s say there’s a line of cars that was discontinued but you happen to have one that is in good order, but you don’t need it. That model and its juicy spare parts are ripe for harvest to the dealer who knows what they’re doing. So, get to know everything you can about the specific make, model and year of your junk car, because you might have automotive gold parked out there.

  1. Current scrap metal prices

The price of scrap metal fluctuates like the stock market. As with any market, the price depends on scarcity. When you’re looking to recycle cars in NJ, if the junk car you have is housing metal and parts that are currently abundant on the market, then you shouldn’t be expecting a very high price from the dealer. If, on the other hand, you have something scrapper are desperate for, then the ball is firmly in your court.

Light iron and other ferrous metals in your car will get you up to 10 cents a pound, which is nothing to write home about. Copper, however, will garner $2.65 per pound — yes, you read that right. Aluminum could get you 50 cents a pound, too, and stainless steel 42 cents. Knowing what’s in the car can help you better understand what scrappers will value.

  1. The vehicle’s current condition

This one seems pretty obvious, but as with the make and model, it warrants closer scrutiny than you first think. If the car isn’t even roadworthy, and would cost more to fix up than any possible resale volume, then you shouldn’t expect to get much. It’s scrap. If, however, your car has resale potential, either directly or after a little care and attention, then a dealer sees dollar signs and will make you a better offer.

Advice on maximizing the dollar-amount we offer you

At this point, you understand the important factors that go into determining your junk car’s real value. As you piece together the information bit by bit, a rough number should start to enter you mind. Below we’re offering you a few more great tips to boost that number a bit further:

First, deliver the junk car in ONE piece if you can. The more complete your car is, the more you can expect for it. Some are tempted to strip the valuable parts and hold on to them, but if you want to maximize the value, then you need to hand it all over. This is especially important if you think the car has resale value, or if individual parts within the car will add significantly to its value.

Second, never settle with the first dealer’s offer. The junk car market is not unlike any other. You can’t just settle for the first offer that comes your way. You need to shop around and see who is willing to make you the best offer. Dealers in New Jersey will be aware of their competition, and are likely to stay as competitive as they can, but that doesn’t mean you stop your search at the first post.

Third, understand the local rules and regulations. Every state has its own red tape and regulations when it comes to junk cars. If you’re handing over a relatively new model that can be quickly resold, then the bureaucratic hoops for the dealer are fewer and further between, which increases the amount they’re willing to pay. If the vehicle is currently non-roadworthy and will need to be restored and retitled, then that will impact what they’ll pay. After all, they’re the ones who will shoulder all that cost and administrative burden. Learn more about what your dealer will have to do with the car, and you’ll get a good idea on how much is reasonable.

To sum up:
When it’s time to sell junk car in New Jersey, it pays to find a reliable partner who will be fair and professional while also making the whole process as easy for you as possible. If you have a junk car and/or any questions on trading it in, give a call at 201-620-6708 or visit our homepage to learn more.