Get cash in one hour when you sell your junk car

We all, at one point or other, have had old cars taking up unnecessary space. It might be a car you have owned for a long time which you no longer use of a car that you are old holding for sentimental value. Why should you get rid of that car?


Save the environment, stay Green

When you sell and recycle a car, you’re recycling the metal, the plastic, the rubber tires, and glass everything. Nothing goes to waste. All these materials get sorted and recycled and are used as raw material to produce new cars and other consumer products. Recycling cars means more spare parts for vehicles that need repairs. We can reuse these spare parts for vehicles that have nothing wrong with them. This increases cars’ lifespan and decreases carbon impact caused by building new cars. Recycling cars helps the environment.

Donate your car for a good cause

Don’t want cash for your junk car? If you like giving, JunkCar1HourPickup will donate the cash value of your old vehicle to a charity of your choice. If you are getting tired of the eyesore in your backyard that is your old car from high school, call us and we’ll tow it away. You can also write off the total amount the next time you do taxes.

Free up some valuable space

We all have that one uncle or grandfather who doesn’t even drive anymore and has 2 or 3 cars in their garage, not being ridden for the last 30 years. The metal is rusted and there is no hope in the car running anymore. The car is actually an eyesore in your yard. Rust and other metal can get toxic when left like that. The solution is to scrap that car. Just pick up the phone and enter our number: 201-620-6708, we’ll be there in an hour to pick up your junk car. We are quick and will get there ASAP with a truck. 

Safety in your house and family   

Old cars left for too long in unsafe conditions can turn toxic. Often a car left out in the open for years causes the metal to rust and seep into the soil. Humidity and rain causes further corrosion and toxic metal which is harmful for you, your pets, and your family starts to form up. Your pets or children, while playing outside, may hurt themselves if they are not careful. Get rid of that piece of public safety hazard!

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